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Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
— 1 peter 4:10


A church website needs to be user friendly, along with tools in place that will maximize the mission of the church.  The right structure of these tools is primary.  If your church website is not converting visitors into guests and guests into members, there may be a structural problem, and your church is not fulfilling it's mission.  


Is the visitor to your church or website getting what they need?  You may have a fancy website, but if the user is leaving dissatisfied, there is a little problem.  We look at bounce rate, along with other tests, to see if the user is getting what they need.  Strategic call to actions are essential within landing pages. 


When a user frequents a site, they scan to find relative information.  Does your church webpage meet this need?  Is it loaded with relative information that is keyword centric?  We provide the content your webpage needs, along with the passion and positivity it needs to raise the eyebrows and hearts of readers. 


Search engines value high quality links that point back to your site.  This creates greater domain authority, along with a superior interlinking strategy.  Are these links trustworthy?  Do they reflect what the average user is originally looking for?  If design and content are the main ingredients in the stew, link building is the carrots, onions and the rest of the nutrients that give the stew its taste. 


Everyone is using some sort of social media every day to express their values, beliefs and religion.  Instead of fighting the medium, why not embrace it as a tool to further the gospel?  Lighthouse uses strategic measures to track social media engagement to further the calling of the local church.  With planning and development, we turn every user experience into a measuring tool for future church growth. 


Not only does your church web design need to have the structure and tools in place to satisfy its user, but it also needs to drive traffic.  Your site can be the most user friendly in the world, but if there is no one there to use it, there is a problem.  Local internet marketing is accomplished by developing digital assets with the correct optimization.  


PPC or (Pay Per Click) management is the fastest way to get people to your site.  This can immediately drive casual church goers towards your church webpage, and into the pews. This can be the quick fix for which many established churches are looking.