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Paypal uses SSL technology that allows them to keep payments completely secure.  They are an easy recognizable brand many people trust to send electronic payments.  For us, it's a great way to express how much we value our clients information to be kept completely private.  If you would like to read more about the security of PayPal, please follow this link.  

why do you have three pricing packages?

We want our pricing to reflect the mission we are on as a company.  No one is getting rich at Lighthouse, we go alongside churches to give them website that are search engine optimized.  We want our pricing scale to reflect that.  Three packages are offered to meet a church financially wherever they are at.  We feel we are the only ones that offer the quality at the price.  The basic package is the cheapest on the market that isn't do it yourself style.  

how do you keep your prices so low?

We have very small overhead with no investors sucking up monthly payments or buyouts.  Everything apart of this company has been something God has put in place, most especially the finances.  We do not borrow one dime to operate Lighthouse.  By this we honor our partners with financial integrity and affordable pricing.  

are all sites finished in three weeks?

There is the rare occasion when it may take longer, depending on unforesable circumstances.  But overall, three weeks is the general guideline.  We do our best to make it as fast as possible with sacrificing the integrity of the design and or development.  

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