SEO Lighthouse




LightHouse was started with the sole intention to serve the mission of the church by creating valuable visual properties that will engage users socially and encourage them to attend the local church.  We believe we are able do this efficiently and effectively for three important reasons.

1.   God.  

Simply put, we believe God will supply our every need, especially when it comes to a church website. Our partnership goes beyond web design, we pray for churches daily.  The ultimate goal is for the good news to extend from potential churches to the area around them.  A website helps potential and current members to be accounted for by a user-friendly design that engages them on their own personal level.  Just as God did for us through His Son Jesus.  We want each church to be put in the correct light visually and structurally so that those in darkness around them may discover the life that is in Christ Jesus.  

2.  SEO/Web Design Experience.

The Founder studied design at the Art Institute of Dallas in 2007, and has spent years crafting a portfolio that highlights his uncanny ability to represent an idea or concept visually.  He served as the Vice President of Operations for a major leading generation company in the home improvement sector, specializing in search engine optimization and user experience.  He successfully managed a content development team through Panda, Penguin, and other google algorithm updates with complete expertise.  He uniquely developed his craft by building multiple websites expediently for cities all around the globe.  

3.  Pastoral Experience. 

For a church website, it is crucial to have the eye of a Pastor so that the vision transfers from concept to reality.  The Founder has such experience being in active ministry for over 12 years, and currently pastoring a church in Prosper, TX.  Most website design and management companies are run by third party affiliates that have no real ministry experience, especially on the Pastoral level.  There are just certain needs a church may have that only ones with experience can pick out before they get out of hand.  This is the assurance LightHouse has to offer.  

Unfortunately there are some assurances LightHouse cannot offer.  We go through great lengths to make sure websites are crafted carefully for search engines, but organic search results are dictated solely by algorithms and various performance standards developed by the search engines, not LighHouse.   With that being said, again, certain proven measures are taken to make sure top production is accounted for each individual website.  Some rankings are out of our control, but we do the very best we can to make sure each website is in top performance.  

As a company and disciples of Jesus, LightHouse is dedicated to take the attention and attitude of a learner so that correct preliminary manners can taken in regards to website performance and management.